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The World Wide Wrestling RPG

Now Introducing...

World Wide Wrestling: International Incident is a 124-page supplement that expands the scope of the World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game to include global styles of wrestling and new rules that cover exciting new arenas of gameplay. This supplement includes:

  • Coverage of Mexican Lucha Libre, Japanese Puroreso, British Grappling and the modern global Indie styles of wrestling

  • 6 New Gimmicks

  • 2 New Roles

  • 7 New Match Stipulations

  • 3 New Guest Essays

  • New optional rules for play including treating the Promotion like a character, backstage Stroke, inter-promotional Wars and Invasion Angles, and more

  • Expanded resources and guidance to help Creative run more engaging games

  • The Season Two Roster, including 24 new example wrestlers and 5 new Promotions to serve as setting and inspiration for your games

International Incident is currently available to purchase at my online store.

Reviews & Remarks

Polygon (1/2018) "By the end of the game’s opening hour, we had all the makings of a primetime soap opera, and enough bitter rivalries to last an entire campaign. At one point, my character, an aging 40-something veteran who wrestled under the name “The Director of IT,” had vanquished his arch rival, a twenty-something YouTube personality called DJ Bitcoin, with the help of a monstrous heel called The Heavy Fog. It was glorious, and made all the better by television-style commentary from the other characters at the table and a live audience holding up signs around the table. It was a magical night, and it reminded me once again that there is more to tabletop role-playing than Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder."

Shut Up and Sit Down (9/2016) "Roleplaying games most often fail to teach the players how to appropriately play them as games. Secondarily, they fail to teach players how to appropriately employ the subject matter of the game in furtherance of their own fun. What is perhaps World Wide Wrestling’s greatest triumph as a game is that not only does it resoundingly succeed in teaching you how to play, it puts you in a gentle, nurturing headlock that forces the appeal of wrestling deep into your eye sockets like a screwdriver during a hardcore match. And, you know what? I don’t think more than one person has to have read the book to play. That is not something I say a lot."

Geek & Sundry (8/2016) "Like most games based on the Apocalypse World engine, the rulebook serves as an excellent guide to running a game in the pro wrestling genre. It explains terminology, discusses how the big time federations work, and even illustrates various moves so that the uninitiated can point to a move for their character to do in the ring. Fans that already know how the backstage machinery works will find thoughtful essays on wrestling and might even be surprised by the origin of a word or two."

Caitie Belle (Player) "It speaks from a genuine love, a powerful relationship with the subject matter, one you don't get by just deciding on an idea and shrugging, putting down whatever to paper. It's a wrestling game made by a fan, for fans, designed to help you create a new mythology. And that doesn't mean you can't play if you haven't watched wrestling - the game is all too eager to get you excited about the idea, to lure you in. It doesn't mean either that you can't play if you're not into wrestling at all...But if you're even the slightest bit on board, you'll soon realize the game has a charm and a passion, and you can't help but be pulled in. You want to see why this matters." (Full Post Here)

Ben M (Player) "I run 4 D&D groups a month as well as a Monsterhearts game, & WWW is by far the one that gets the most 'Love'.  I'm not sure if it is the floating 'Creative' mechanic, the co-op/competitive story telling, or just the ease of the rule set you've refined, but it is truly wonderful."

Jason Morningstar (Designer of Fiasco"First of all, it is an excellent game...Literally everything you need is built into the game's mechanics. The process of making your wrestler builds in delicious rivalries and plot hooks, the individual moves are colorful and fun, and the actual wrestling events play out like a badass, character-driven minigame... as a player you have really interesting choices throughout. It is just a bathtub full of fun and I highly recommend it. I can't wait to play again next week!"

Fredrick, Kickstarter Backer "...WWWRPG is truly what I feel is worthy of the moniker a "labor of love". Nathan clearly feels that this is an amazing game and he is able to convey that without ever telling us that the game IS great or IS fun, it shines through in his writing and in his explanations in the book itself. It makes the book a delight to read and I can't help but get enthused about the game."

GeekNative (2/2015) "World Wide Wrestling should be an absolute no-brainer pickup for anyone into Apocalypse WorldDungeon Worldor Monster of the Week...Absolutely NO knowledge of professional wrestling is necessary to pick up WWW and have a blast with it and your friends...you’ll be blown away by the excitement and fun this game can bring you. World Wide Wrestling is, quite possibly, the best game the Apocalypse has produced yet."

Critical Hits (9/2014) "This game is packed so full of wrestleicious flavor that it’s ridiculous. Everybody always has something to do, and most of it even moves the story forward. The end goal is to collectively be really entertaining, and in my experience this is a winning formula for an extremely good night of gaming."



About The Game

The World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game enables you to create your own professional wrestling franchise through play, showcasing satisfying and surprising storylines. It’s about feuds, championships, betrayal, and righteous victory. It’s about the clash of good and evil on the grandest stage. It’s about whether you’ve got what it takes. And, in the end, it’s about what the audience thinks of your efforts. 

"It's a wrestling game made by a fan...designed to help you create a new mythology." - Caitie Belle (Via Google+)

"It’s a lovingly, considerately designed game that doesn’t ask you to bring much to the table other than a few opponents to body slam through the table. Compared to past wrestling games, World Wide Wrestling gets a leg up on the competition and then...deliver(s) a (leg) drop straight to the dome." - Jon Bolding, Shut Up and Sit Down

An Award-Winning Roleplaying Game

World Wide Wrestling shared the Indie RPG Awards Indie Game of the Year 2015 award with Night Witches. It also won the Best Support 2015 award. 

Game Features

  • Supports in-ring action, backstage drama and the development of pro wrestling storylines that tie them together.

  • Rules that create classic pro wrestling storylines while also allowing you room to subvert and invent your own.

  • Provides all the tools for players unfamiliar with the genre to participate, while supporting fans in playing out their favorite wrestling tropes.

  • Episodic play that accommodates irregular attendance and fluctuating group sizes.

  • Powered by the Apocalypse

Appearances & Actual Play

Shut Up & Sit Down Play... The World Wide Wrestling RPG! (A One-Hour Special)

Gauntlet League Wrestling on Youtube (Playlist for the 8-Episode season + extras)

Six Feats Under Podcast plays World Wide Wrestling (including podchat about wrestling and RPGs!)

Die Party Friday Night Fights Twitch series, archived on Youtube!

Thrill Squad Podcast plays World Wide Wrestling (with custom music!)

Ringle Rangle Mania (video using Roll20)

Find links for the 9-Episode Journeyman's Cup Tournament (Youtube and MP3) at the bottom of this page.

Looking for a game? Ask at the Google+ Community!

More Information

The World Wide Wrestling RPG is a game of narrative professional wrestling excitement, action and drama. It scales well from 3-9 players. One player is Creative, tasked with booking the shows, introducing antagonists and coming up with basic storylines. The other players take on pro wrestling archetypes, called Gimmicks, and play their wrestlers through feuds, partnerships and betrayals. Everyone at the table is competing for that "top spot," but they're also working together to entertain their viewing audience!

This game is accessible to both wrestling fans curious about roleplaying, and experienced roleplayers who want to see what professional wrestling is all about. 

Creative (the Game Master role) comes up with basic storylines and literally books each Episode of play, decided who's on screen when, who's in what match and, most importantly, who's going to win. The players play out their wrestlers as they participate in these segments, but they have agency to pursue their own agendas and "swerve" what Creative has in mind. Creative has to roll with the punches and make it look like what happens is what they had in mind all along!

Wrestling matches are handled by back-and-forth dramatic narration, mediated by the characters in-ring abilities and how the dice fall. Whether a quick squash or an epic full-roster Battle Royal, wrestling matches are exciting affairs that both build character and drive the ongoing storylines. 

The World Wide Wrestling RPG was funded via Kickstarter in September of 2014.

Here's an extensive (text) interview about the game

Journeyman's Cup Exhibition Series

The "Journeyman's Cup Tournament" Actual Play Series. Originally broadcast as live Google-Hangouts-On-Air, each Episode is archived on Youtube (at the links below). Audio is available to download as lightly edited 128 kpbs MP3s.

Purchase The Game

The World Wide Wrestling RPG is available as a PDF+ebook digital package, and a 160-page softcover 5.875x8.75 book. All print sales include the digital package.

World Wide Wrestling: International Incident is available as a PDF+ebook digital package, and a 124-page softcover 5.875x8.75 book. All print sales include the digital package.

Bundle options for purchasing both together are available as well.

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Print and PDF options for World Wide Wrestling, International Incident, bundles and more are all available for direct sale:

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New Years Fray: a standalone game of pro wrestling for the holidays! Uses the WWWRPG framework but does not require that game to play.


Free Downloads

Play aids:

Pay-What-You-Want Digital Supplements (including download for free)

Custom Gimmick Template: Use this InDesign template to create your own custom Gimmick!

The "Indy Circuit" playtest edition of WWWRPG is a free download. This is a fully playable RPG that includes almost all of the features in the final game! Also check out the International Incident playtest beta for a preview of the content in the supplement.