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Episode 1: WCW Halloween Havoc 1991

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The Chamber of Horrors, Bobby Eaton vs. Terrence Taylor, Stunning Steve Austin vs. "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes, the unveiling of the WCW Halloween Phantom, Lex Luger vs. Ron Simmons in a 2-of-3 falls match for the WCW World Title, and more! This PPV plants the seeds of what would later turn into the Dangerous Alliance.

About This Podcast

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A professional wrestling podcast discussing WCW. Our first series focuses on the "Dangerous Alliance" era of WCW, starting in 1991. Join Ian, Bret and Nathan as we plumb the depths of this era of wrestling history!


Ian Williams grew up with NWA/WCW wrestling, and is our guide through the series. In addition to talking about wrestling he's written for Jacobin, Deadspin, Paste Magazine and others. 

Bret Gillan loves wrestlers in masks. He has never seen any of this era of wrestling before and is eager to learn. In addition to talking about wrestling he designs and self-publishes horror RPGs.

Nathan D. Paoletta is a wrestling nerd who came to it late and has been trying to catch up on everything he's missed, which includes the entire decade of the 1990s. In addition to talking about wrestling he designs and self-publishes RPGs on this very website, including the World Wide Wrestling RPG.