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These games have been retired from the ndpdesign catalogue. 


About The Game

The Dance and the Dawn was designed and written by Dev Purkayastha. It was released in 2009 and published under license by ndpdesign through 2016. It is no longer available via ndpdesign. When it becomes available again, however, you'll find a link here. Until check, check the Sweet Potato Press website!

This game tells a fable of three Ladies who came upon the Ice Queen’s court and danced with four Lords, all in the pursuit of the One True Love that could yield happiness.

The conclusion of that fable is up to you.

The Dance and the Dawn is a game for 3-5 players and is played over a chessboard. One player plays the part of the Narrator (and will control the Duke and Queen, as well as several Lords), and the other players will each control one of the Ladies. The game is a bit of a fairy tale and a bit of a puzzle: each Lady is trying to determine the character of the various Lords, and must pick one at the end of the game.