independent games & design by Nathan D. Paoletta


Hello hobby & game store retailers! I am happy to work with you to get my print products into your store. I offer my books for retail at 50% of MSRP* and a flat shipping rate of $5 for domestic and $30 for international orders. This means that you're paying shipping for small orders (up to 10 books, usually) and I start picking up the tab if you order more. I ship by USPS media mail, first class or flat-rate box (whichever makes more sense for the order), or USPS international first class package, with tracking.

*Two of my microgame products are priced at cost for retail, as their production cost is over 50% of MSRP.

To build your order simply use the buttons here to add products to your shopping cart, then check out. You can pay with any major credit card.

If this system does not accommodate your needs, please get in touch and I can put together a custom order for you.