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Birth Of The Resistance Age


A repressive power has taken control of your society. You are part the resistance, taking advantage of crises in the regime to fight against the power and move towards utopia.

The Birth of the Resistance Age is a fiction game of taking political action for 2 or more players. 

You guide the actions of a Resistance in it's struggle against a coercive, intolerable Power. Three crises are the flashpoints for your intervention - can you take advantage of them to break the grip of the Power, or will the regime double down and bring about it's own dystopian vision? 

This game is casual in style and flexible to fit your comfort level, time available and goals for play, but is intended to played in the context of real-world political and social events. Whether you abstract your Resistance to a fantasy realm or play it as a simulator of current events, that's up to you.

This game is produced as a 12"x18" full-color playmat/poster, as well as a print-and-play 3-page PDF. It only requires a deck of standard cards and the playmat to play.

You can buy the poster for $10, pay what you want for the PDF, or pay with an action by filling out the form below.

  • Paying with an action means that you do something active to take a step towards justice (whether a donation, a protest, a street action, calling your congressman, or anything else demonstrable).
  • Tell me about it, and I'll send you a copy of the game! This works on an honor system. I trust you!
  • You can opt-in to have your anonymized action added to the Resistance Age Action Archive at the bottom of this page.
  • Want ideas? Check out Actopedia, a wiki of creative activist efforts and campaigns, large and small.

The Birth of the Resistance Age is based on The Death of the Gilded Age, both of which were made possible by the backers of my Patreon campaign. My patrons get an inside look at my process, early access to the work as it gets finished, and my eternal gratitude for their support. Check it out here.

Pay With An Action

Fill out this form, and I'll send you the poster of the game.

Any demonstrable action towards increased social justice counts. Some examples: make a donation, attend a march or protest, call your representative, volunteer your time.
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Resistance Age Action Archive

OREGON: I participated in two strikes with the IWW, and was also at the june 2nd protests, having gotten kettled.

OHIO:  I attended a march and sit-in to promote my local university declaring itself a sanctuary campus in the face of the Muslim bans.

SERBIA: I've recently made a donation to Worldbuilders on their most recent their charity drive for Heifer International. I've protested my government's nepotistic, incompetent regime that lets war criminals into our parliament and launders money by stealing from health and pension funds after our most recent election. I've volunteered my time and money during flooding situations, helping ship out goods to people in need.

Submit your action using the form to the left as an alternate method to pay for the game!

Cost Transparency: It costs $7.79 to print and ship a poster within the US, and it varies to other countries, from about that to twice that (most of that is postage, it's 12"x18", arrives flat and in a heavy cardboard sleeve). If you would like to subsidize the Pay With An Action program, consider purchasing the game or any of my Pay What You Want digital products.