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Pay What You Want


A number of my smaller or older projects are now available on a pay-what-you-want basis in their digital formats. This means that you get to decide how much you think they're worth to you. Download them for free, throw a couple bucks my way if you like them, or use them as a tip jar if you enjoy what I do and want me to keep on doing it!

Many of the games funded by my Patreon backers are publicly released as pay-what-you-want titles. For more info, visit my Patreon page.

You can pay-what-you-want via my storefront on itch.io, or DriveThuRPG. Use the buttons below for each individual title.


Standalone Games

PDF download contains play sheets and a print-and-play deck of 24 custom cards. More information about Fate's Fickle Winds is here.

PDF download contains 3 play sheets. You also need a deck of standard playing cards to play. Part of the ndp microgames series. More information here.

Timesteam was originally released in 2005 under an old imprint, and is now available as pay-what-you-want for posterity. More information about Timestream is here.

Supplements & Extras

These are supplements for the World Wide Wrestling RPG.