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zine2018 First Six Issues (PDF Bundle)

zine2018 First Six Issues (PDF Bundle)


zine2018 was a monthly zine project. Each issue explores a central theme through my personal lens, as I try to focus and explore issues, ideas and problems in and around my life. zine2018 is a personal project that, hopefully, is resonate with those navigating their own tough years.

This bundle contains the PDFs of the first six issues in one download. There is also a bundle available of the first six issues in print for only $20. You can see the bundle of the last six issues, along with the individual issues in print, there as well. The bundle of the last six issues in PDF is here.

Issue #1 | January | Horizons

  • 24 pages

  • Doing Something New, Letting Things Go, Finding New Goals, Failures and Victories, Grace and Clarity

  • Game: The Apprentice's Ascent

Issue #2 | February | Isolation

  • 24 pages

  • Memoria: Three WInters, Lonely Strengths, No Mentors, Finding Sparks/Keeping Warm, Music Musings

  • Game: Alone Together

Issue #3 | March | Emergence

  • 24 pages

  • Finding New Interests, Newness and Novelty, Dreamation 2018, Wrestling & Larp

  • Game: Chrysalis (a one-player game)

Issue #4 | April | Passion

  • 20 pages

  • PassionoissesbO, Crushes, Making Your Hobby Your Job, Investing in Others Passion

  • Game: Heart, Mind, Body

Issue #5 | May | Gratitude

  • 20 pages

  • Indicia Reading: Past, Present, Future; Luck & Humility; Unexpected Fortune; Making Your Own Luck

  • Helpful Hands: A Situation-Framing Game

Issue #6 | June | Enervation

  • 24 pages

  • It’s Too Hot, Losing Interest/Staying Busy, Entropic Heat Death, Goals Checkin

  • Game: Treasures of the Jungle, A Free-Form Choose Your Own Adventure Game

zine2018 was funded by my Patreon. It is now over.

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