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zine2018 (All Print Issues)

zine2018 (All Print Issues)

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zine2018 was a monthly zine project over the course of 2018. Each issue explores a central theme through my personal lens, as I try to focus and explore issues, ideas and problems in and around my life. It’s over now, but it was zine2018 a personal project that, hopefully, still has resonance with others navigating their own difficult years.

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First Six Issues Bundle. Get issues #1-#6 for only $20.00! There is also a PDF bundle available of the first six issues for $10.

Last Six Issues Bundle. Get issues #7-#12 for only $20.00! There is also a PDF bundle available of the last six issues for $10.


The project was organized around a cycle of four themes throughout the year: Fortune, Death, Creation and Love. Each themed three-issue bundle is $12.

Fortune: Horizons, Gratitude & Renewal (the January, May & September issues)

Death: Isolation, Enervation & Failure (the February, June & October issues)

Creation: Emergence, Courage & Harvest (the March, July & November issues)

Love: Passion, Decadence & Celebration (the April, August & December issues)


Issue #1 | January | Horizons

  • 24 pages

  • Doing Something New, Letting Things Go, Finding New Goals, Failures and Victories, Grace and Clarity

  • Game: The Apprentice's Ascent

Issue #2 | February | Isolation

  • 24 pages

  • Memoria: Three WInters, Lonely Strengths, No Mentors, Finding Sparks/Keeping Warm, Music Musings

  • Game: Alone Together

Issue #3 | March | Emergence

  • 24 pages

  • Finding New Interests, Newness and Novelty, Dreamation 2018, Wrestling & Larp

  • Game: Chrysalis (a one-player game)

Issue #4 | April | Passion

  • 20 pages

  • PassionoissesbO, Crushes, Making Your Hobby Your Job, Investing in Others Passion

  • Game: Heart, Mind, Body

Issue #5 | May | Gratitude

  • 20 pages

  • Indicia Reading: Past, Present, Future; Luck & Humility; Unexpected Fortune; Making Your Own Luck

  • Helpful Hands: A Situation-Framing Game

Issue #6 | June | Enervation

  • 24 pages

  • It’s Too Hot, Losing Interest/Staying Busy, Entropic Heat Death, Goals Checkin

  • Game: Treasures of the Jungle, A Free-Form Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Issue #7 | July | Courage

  • 12 Pages

  • Pushing Through, Low Spirits, Dreams of Retirement

  • Game: Blind Courage, a Push-Your-Luck Game for One

Issue #8 | August | Decadence

  • 20 Pages

  • Self-Care <-> Self-Indulgence, Bad Taste & Bad Art, Do What Makes You Happy

  • Game: Suffer Them To Live (A Game of Indulgence & Pleasure)

Issue #9 | September | Renewal

  • 20 Pages

  • Second Editions, 10 Questions

  • Game: Resurrection of the Essence Tree (A Board Game for 3-5 players)

Issue #10 | October | Failure

  • 12 Pages

  • Coping Mechanisms, Bitterness vs Motivation, Sunk Cost & Cutting Losses

  • Game: Failing Forward (a push-your-luck game of making progress)

Issue #11 | November | Harvest

  • 20 Pages

  • 2018 Projects: Gathered & Stored/Strong Seeds/Fallow in the Field

  • Game: Black Sun // Red Shift (A WWWRPG wrestling tournament to save the world)

Issue #12 | December | Celebration

  • 16 Pages

  • Time to Come Together/Holidays in Memory/Year in Review

  • Game: The Joy of Others Company (a casual game of ritual making)

zine2018 was funded by my Patreon. It is now over.

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