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WWW: International Incident (Print+PDF)

WWW: International Incident (Print+PDF)

from 18.00

International Incident is supplement for the World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game. A copy of that game is required to play. More information about the game can be found here.

International Incident explores the global wrestling styles of Mexican Lucha Libre, Japanese Puroresu, British Grappling and international Indie Wrestling. It adds 6 new Gimmicks, 2 new Roles and 7 new Match Stipulations inspired by these styles, in addition to new essays, optional rules and Creative advice, and the Season Two roster.

This purchase includes the printed softcover 124-page book (slightly smaller than 6"x9"), and the digital bundle.

You can purchase the digital bundle by itself for $9 here. You can purchase both International Incident and World Wide Wrestling as a digital bundle for $17 here.

There is an bundle option to purchase International Incident with the core World Wide Wrestling RPG at a $3 discount (see the dropdown menu). Both books will be shipped together. You will receive both digital bundles upon receipt of purchase.

The Digital Bundle Includes:

  • Display-ready PDF

  • EPUB ebook file

  • Home printer-ready Gimmick and Play Aid PDFs

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