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Trouble For Hire PREORDER

Trouble For Hire PREORDER


Rally your amigos, let’s tell a story.

Trouble For Hire is a tabletop story-oriented roleplaying game. You sit with your friends around a table, you each take a role, and you follow the rules to create a story that you wouldn't have made on your own. However, Trouble For Hire works in reverse of what you might expect: there's basically only one "player character" and everyone else is a game master.

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Miss the Trouble for Hire Kickstarter? You can preorder the basic Trouble For Hire book right here. You will receive the book ASAP once they are available, either along with the Kickstarter backers or right after them.

Print preorders receive the PDF when you place the order, so you can start playing right away. Or, you can purchase just the PDF for $10.

The book will be 8.5" square, hardcover with full-color illustrated interior. Seriously, check out the Kickstarter page for the full skinny. Also, the street price will be $35 once all Kickstarter backer rewards and preorders are fulfilled, so you’re getting yourself a discount on this one.

The book is at the printer, and the current estimate for delivery is Fall 2018.

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