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RPG Design Zine

RPG Design Zine

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Design is making choices.

The RPG Design Zine is a cut-and-paste 24-page zine collecting and distilling what I’ve learned from 13+ years of making games into a how-to guide. It covers the core topics that I consider when I’m making games, illustrated with examples from my game library. It’s not intended to give you all the answers, but rather to get you to where you know which questions you need to be asking for your own projects.

Thanks to backers of the Kickstarter campaign, I’ve been able to make a reality! 

RPG Design Zine Library

I have a stock of printed zines available, for free, to anyone who finds the $5 cover price a barrier. If you wish to contribute a copy to this library along with buying yourself a copy, use the $10 option at checkout. There is also an option to just donate a copy without getting one yourself - you will still need to checkout with your address, but the copy will be earmarked for the library.

If you would like to request a copy from the library, here’s the page with the form.


You can download the PDF for free via this itch.io page. It includes DIY print-at-home files along with the screen-ready PDFs of the zine.

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