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carry. a game about war. revised edition (PDF)

carry. a game about war. revised edition (PDF)


Narrative roleplaying in our memory of Vietnam. 

carry is a game focused on the experience of being a soldier in the Vietnam war. Heavily inspired by the films Platoon and Full Metal Jacket and the novel The Things They Carriedcarry is designed to provide a serious roleplaying experience in the tradition of these sources. 

This is the revised edition of the game, incorporating a decade of experience to expand, clarify and revise the game to make it both easier and more effective in play.

More information about this game can be found here. 

carry is a game that may make players nervous, and it should. There is a tendency in RPGs to address serious issues through a lens of fantasy, but carry makes no compromises. - Play This Thing Review 

ZIP file contains: 118 page bookmarked PDF and seperate PDF of printable play aids.

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