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Annalise Final Edition (PDF)

Annalise Final Edition (PDF)


Something is out there in the darkness, watching you. You feel it’s eyes on you. You fight against it, but you can’t struggle forever. Soon, it will come for you. What will you do?

Annalise is a game that creates tales of Gothic horror. You and your friends take on the roles of the objects of a dark creature’s desire. Over the course of play you determine the nature of the Vampire - and then you find out what happens when you finally confront the darkness. You play the hunters, lovers and servants of a Vampire. What tales of pain, hunger and redemption will you tell?

What else can I say, other than this edition reads easily, references itself quickly and looks beautiful? Annalise exemplifies how RPGs should present themselves and how they should organize the information contained within their highly sculpted pages. - Geekbuffet Review

More information about this game can be found here.

122 page bookmarked PDF. The Print+PDF Bundle is $15 and available to order via DrivethruRPG. 

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