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Masks of the Mummy Kings

Unending Gratitude

Masks of the Mummy Kings was made possible by backers of my Patreon campaign. Patrons received 2 patron-only Masks, the Ibis and the Patron (to make a full set of 14 Masks). If you are a backer, you can access those Masks here.

Masks of the Mummy Kings was originally written for Epidiah Ravachol's sword-and-sorcery e-zine Worlds Without Master. Join the Patron Horde here!

Purchase The Game

Masks of the Mummy Kings is available as a 6"x9" 34-page softcover booklet and as a 41 page PDF. The standalone release was in 2016. The print booklet is only available via print-on-demand from DrivethruRPG at this time.

Direct From ndpdesign

Due to EU VAT remittance laws, I cannot fulfill PDF ONLY orders directly to EU residents. If you live in the EU, you must purchase the PDF through one of the outlets below. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Other Outlets

The first version of Masks of the Mummy Kings is available in Issue 9 of Worlds Without Master, along with sword-and-sorcery fiction, comics and art. The mechanics of the game are mostly the same, but the original version does not provide as many examples or guidance and advice for how to get into the most productive playstyle for the game.



About The Game

Masks of the Mummy Kings is a sword-and-sorcery adventure game about would-be grave-robbers, hiding their identities behind masks as they plunder the Ziggurat Tomb of Nabû-Nâzir, the Zodiac Emperor of ancient Babylon. Whether seeking treasures temporal or sorcerous, this band of rogues must work together even while pursuing their own individual aims. 

Players start out with two Masks, governing their abilities to overcome obstacles presented by the GM as they adventure through the tomb. As the rogues defeat enemies, solve puzzles and evade traps eldritch and mundane, they may very well find new and more powerful Masks to wear, enhancing their own power - but at what cost?

Game Features

  • For a GM and 2-4 players

  • One-shot friendly, takes 1-3 hours to play

  • Prep-agnostic - the GM can prepare a map, creatures and treasure beforehand, run it all on the fly, or a mix of both

  • Uses a token-based action economy to allow narrative flexibility without sacrificing palpable rewards based on player decision making

  • Requires tokens (such as poker chips) and a vessel (such a sturdy bowl) to use as the Well of Treasures

  • Game provides 12 Masks which can be combined into 36 different ability sets, enhancing replayability and exploration of the system: Ox, Monkey, Scarab, Outlaw, Thief, Scoundrel, Cursed, Faceless, Mummy, Soldier, Mystic and Assassin.