independent games & design by Nathan D. Paoletta

Little Things


Nubs are little things, just for fun. I use them to prop up dishes as they dry and as markers for board games, but you probably have other things you could use them for. They come in hard or rubbery, and in various colors. If you want some, they're $5 for a set of 20 in a clear acrylic box, or $1 for a mixed set of 25 weirder bits in a ziplock bag.

Desktop Tentacle - 2010

Starting as an exercise in mold-making, this desktop tentacle can be placed on any surface to remind you to watch out for what's underneath, where you can't see...

The rubber version features a wire armature, allowing a degree of posability to the tentacle. 

Pattern Lantern - 2009

This candle lantern uses a pattern of holes on the bottom side of it's curve to project a pattern of light on the table it's sitting on. Designed in CAD and fabricated by laser-cutting the material in stacked layers, the overall effect is one of surprise that such a blocky shape can generate an elegant lighting pattern.