independent games & design by Nathan D. Paoletta

Discursive Objects

Discursive Objects open a dialogue through interaction, inviting the user into a larger conversation. My discursive projects tend to draw a particular concept down into a physical form, and make a statement through the intended use of the object. I also tend to design in series, with each individual piece taking a different position on or being a different expression of the concept. 

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  • Eclectic Chandelier
  • Play With Your Food
  • More Than It's Worth
  • Five Minute Clocks
  • Money Matters Savings Banks

Eclectic Chandelier - 2012

This chandelier is hand-crafted out of reclaimed American oak. The combination of hand-drawn eccentricity of the arms with the iconic rosette of the center blends classic and contemporary aesthetics into a harmonious whole. The design responds to both traditional Craftsmen design accents in the clients home and the clients interest in fantastic imagery.

Play With Your Food - 2011

People don’t know much about their food, but they love playing games. This series of three analog games educates players about issues surrounding food while providing entertaining platforms for real-world interaction with others. Each game in the Play With Your Food series focuses on a different selection of issues surrounding how players get and consume what they eat. From the American industrial agricultural system to issues surrounding childhood obesity to games that specifically target individuals in their own kitchen, these games both entertain and educate people who may have no other way of understanding what they eat. 

Play With Your Food was part of Where Is Where.

To the right are the demonstration videos that were displayed as part of the installation. 

Download the Food Court Frenzy Rules PDF | Download the Feed Them! Rules PDF |Download the project Info Sheet


More Than It's Worth - 2011

This series of decorative bowls was made by destroying and reconstituting objects of consumer value in order to reveal their material value – if any remains at all. The final series, wherein each bowl contains $20 USD worth of material goods (US nickels, US quarters, demerara sugar, and blank DVDs) de- and re-materializes the fluidity of monetary value in our contemporary world.

More Than It's Worth is part of LOADED and was shown in Milan at Spazia Rossana Orlandi for the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in April, 2011. It has been featured by Domus magazine and Core77.

Five Minute Clocks - 2010

 A series of clocks that complicate our idea of dividing time by only counting time in five minute increments. Each clock uses a different blend of analog and digital technology to envisioning the division of time at a macro scale. When everyone has a precise timekeeping device in their pocket, these clocks give thoughtful people time to think.

Money Matters Savings Bank - 2010

Each savings bank in this series highlights an issue that people have with their money.