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Artist Books

The Dinosaur - 2009

Memory association is one of the most powerful ways we create meaning in our lives. The Dinosaur is a personal memoir that uses layers of engraved acrylic to evoke the feeling of being lost in memory. Enclosed in a simple custom box “cover,” this book inevitably provokes the sharing of memories with others.

The fins of the dinosaur are fixed in place, with the center composed of acrylic “pages” that can be re-arranged in any order. The story is all visible, but different arrangements of the pages emphasize and de-emphasize different elements.

Operation Desert Fox - 2009

A response to my first memory of national conflict, President Bill Clinton's 1998 address announcing that we would commence a bombing attack on Iraq. The text is readable throughout the book as the physical form shifts and dissolves, as the idea of certainty and "right" does in times of war.