ndpdesign is the work of Nathan D. Paoletta, designer and fabricator. I design role-playing and story-telling games which enable players to fabricate their own narratives; I design conceptual objects and physically fabricate them; and I design and fabricate little things that catch my fancy, just for fun.

All of my published games are currently for sale in one form or another. My games in public playtest are here. My other work is limited to one-off and prototype pieces, but I always welcome inquiries.  

You can also support me in developing and publishing small, experimental and early-stage games via Patreon.com. For as little as $1 per project, you get insight into my process and early access to my most cutting-edge work. Check it out here!

I am currently available for freelance projects in the realms of: game design, graphic design and layout for print and digital publishing, and 3D design and prototyping. Take a look at my client work here. Want to work with me? Please contact me with what you have in mind.

Game Design | Emotional Narrative | Creative Fabrication

Object Design | Conceptual Narrative | Physical Fabrication

Fun Design | Little Things | Physical Fabrication